Everything that makes us Dejima

we exist.

Dejima was born with a want to step out of the busy, cluttered nature of every day life, and step into a space that promotes strategic creativity and conscious creation. We work across multiple markets and industries, and are inspired by diversity. Our motivation is to make a positive mark and enable a different type of future in business.

Exercise lateral
thinking and creativity.

We think there is space to be innovative across the board. Why limit yourself to one sector?
We create ideas across markets, with the core idea that they should have a non-damaging and transparent code of ethics at their core.

To cultivate thoughtful

Our aim is to continuously uncover new and innovative ideas across various markets and business models, promoting a broader and non-damaging interest in the world. We partner with others on various projects to ensure we always have the right to team to take each business where it needs to go.

Have an idea you want to pitch us? We'd love to hear from you.

Meet the team


Chief naming officer

Dej is a creative business thinker, with a background in innovating new technologies and start-up businesses. He's able to see gaps in the market where others may not and understand how to fill them. Oh and he comes up with brand names.


Chief of everything else

Margaux is a brand designer, content creator and all round creative strategist. With a background in strategic copywriting and photography - she helps brand discover who they are and how to put their best foot forward. Basically a bit of everything.