Bringing the flavours of the pacific to the speciality coffee market.


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The Pacific
Perk up.

Shakabrew is a boutique, quality coffee company bringing the pacific varieties of coffee to the marketplace. With an aim for traceable, sustainable production - the goal is to support local communities within the pacific islands, giving them an extra avenue to sell their products to an international market.


When choosing the where to source our coffee beans and other products, we look for locally run farms and suppliers, wanting to simplify the supply chain and cut out as many middle men as we can, and ultimately put more money in the farmers pockets than if they were working for a big corporate.

The suppliers we work with a small scale, and coffee production is typically a side business they run alongside their core. They don't want mass production, they simply want people to enjoy the coffee they're drinking and taste the pacific with every cup.


With the Shaka brew brand we really wanted to highlight the fun, playful nature and pacific iconography. We worked with a New Zealand based artist Haser, who created the illustration sets to bring personality and fun to the brand.

Bringing Shakabrew

to life.

Shakabrew is still developing as a business, as we look to source our beans from more islands and farms across the Pacific. If you have any leads on farmers who want help selling their island-based coffee we would love to hear from you.