The Offtrack Oman


content, strategy

through Ramadan

The brief was to capture some of the magic of Oman through images for Oman tourism to use on their social media accounts and website content. Our aim was to show more than just the luxury cars and shopping experiences like past campaigns chose to highlight. We instead wanted to show the amazing things you can do off the beaten track, with just a car and camera. We chose to go through Ramadan, as we knew we would get the quiet we wanted to explore at our own pace and also showcase a true Omani experience, culturally and creatively throughout this religious time.

The wadi oasis
to the Wahiba Sands

The landscape and natural beauty in Oman is like no place else, with dusty desert roads, sharp mountains and turquoise coast line, we really wanted to ensure we showcased the many colours of the country. We set out to explore as much as we could, hitting up all the Wadi's we could find and exploring the desert roads.


The images and strategy we created were shared across their channels, from social media, email marketing and on their website. Through this lens Oman Tourism was able to see the benefit of highlighting the adventurous side of the country, alongside the luxury, to attract a new demographic of tourism, and a fresh interest in this beautiful country.